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Custom made or handmade jewellery based in Melbourne as suggested by the name is created especially for a particular client just the way they like it and instruct the jeweller to make. Where it is an easy task to do at the same time it is not so simple, there are few things that you need to take care while making a custom made jewellery for the client e.g., how much time will it take to make it? What cost will be put in making of the piece, and what are the margins of profit in a particular type of order. Always listen to the instructions carefully and draw a rough sketch of the likes and dislikes of the clients while he/she is giving instructions. Things to keep in mind while fulfilling an order for a custom made jewellery. 

The Design 

The very first step is to confirm and finalise the design of the jewellery to be made  for example whether you want a necklace, or the best engagement rings in Melbourne for your big day, or a head piece, and make it clear step by step to the jeweller who is given the task to make it. Some jewellers have an excellent aesthetic sense and are great designers on their own which is a plus point for the client as he can give some amazing tips and feedback on how you should get your jewellery designed, on the other hand not all have a good designing skills and you have to guide them about what exactly you need to be made and what is required to be done for your precious piece. Both ways it is very crucial for a designer or a jeweller to be completely involved in the process and should have an aptitude to understand the requirements of his/her clients so later on there won’t be any defaults or structural issues with the piece. 


The first step after deciding the design is to form a ring that means with all the essential tools like saws, pliers, files, the metal, gold, or silver is cut, melted or moulded in a specific design that is desired by the client. The process is somehow lengthy and most important step in jewellery designing and is called fabrication. 

Wax Formation 

Another way of sculpting is wax formation, a second way to make a jewellery. The piece of ornament is sculpted out of wax and then hand carved to give them desired shape and design. Three dimensional modelling is also used by a software for designing of a jewellery which can easily modify the design just the way you want it to be. Once the wax piece is formed completely the next step would be to cast it in the metal it is done is encapsulating the piece in a plastic like substance and then wait for it to dry, then heat the piece to mould out the piece. The molten metal will be casted into the mould cavity to form desired shape. The process is a bit lengthy but gives excellent results. 


The piece of handmade jewellery is then be prepared to cast in gold, silver, or platinum as per your preference and cleaned thoroughly before getting polished and any rough surfaces and marks are gently removed for a smoother surface and any defaults at the time of crafting are then inspected and fixed at this stage. Any stones and beads are then placed in the jewellery as per instructed  


After the whole process of polishing and setting is done there comes the polishing part where the rough and raw surface of the jewellery gets polished according to preferable colour. There are multiple types of polishing with dull colours and bright colours to give it the desired appearance as you want. 

Getting custom made jewellery designed Is not only fun but it can be artistic and creative as well as the end product will be of your choice. You can get any kind of jewellery made matching with all of your outfits and going with the current trends and styles. Not everyone is a fan of jewellery but if it comes to giving your own design and colour scheme to go with your preference you will definitely enjoy wearing it more often.