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Each individual is perfect in his or her own way but sometimes a person wants to groom or maintain his self for his self confidence and there is nothing wrong in trying to groom one self. There are different ways through which we can groom ourselves; these ways might vary from the use of cosmetic products to the application of herbal items. However, if a person wants some permanent changes in his features or body parts then plastic surgery is the best option for him. It is not necessary that plastic surgery is only required when a person wants to improve his or her appearance rather a plastic surgery is must when a person has distorted his facial features or body parts during any kind of accident or fire. Facial features or body parts are assembled back by joining the tissues and then letting them to heal for several months. We have been introduced with some of the best medical techniques and equipments which can be used in the field of plastic surgery. In this article, we will be discussing about the difference between face lift and mini face lift in Sydney

Plastic surgery: 

The field of medicine has evolved the most among all other fields of life. We have been introduced with some of the best and productive medical equipments, medical procedures and medications to deal with various diseases, deformities, disorder and any kind of health related condition. The field of medicine has further been categorized into various branches which specialises in different forms. One such branch of medicine is known as plastic surgery. People have this misconception that plastic surgery is only required when a person wants to improve his looks or appearance but this is not the case rather plastic surgery plays an integral role for the people who have lost their body parts or facial features during any accident or fire.  

The doctor who is expert in the field of plastic surgery is known as a plastic surgeon. He is qualified to operate and assemble the body parts and facial features. It is said that a plastic surgeon can give new life to a person by changing his appearance. The plastic surgery that is meant to improve the looks of a person is known as a cosmetic plastic surgery. On the other hand, the plastic surgery which is meant to reconstruct the broken parts is known as a constructive plastic surgery. 

Different services provided by the plastic surgeon: 

The job of a plastic surgeon is not limited to any specific part of the body rather every body part can be operated by a plastic surgeon. If you are not satisfied with your existing nose then a plastic surgeon can change the shape of your nose by carrying out the medical procedure known as a rhinoplasty. If rhinoplasty is carried out to improve the appearance of a person then it is comes under the category of cosmetic surgery but if the process of rhinoplasty is done to reconstruct a broken nose then it comes under the branch of constructive surgery. There is the process of mummy makeover in plastic surgery in which the excessive fats from the body of a new mother are removed and breasts are tightened. 

Difference between face lift and mini face lift surgery: 

Face lift is the kind of surgery in which the saggy portions of face are tightened or excessive fats are removed. Neck, cheeks and chin are tightened in the case of face lift surgery. Besides that, wrinkles are removed from the eye region. Face lift is a long lasting surgery. On the other hand mini face lift surgery includes the tightening of specific parts of the face like chin and cheek. Moreover, the skin is not tightened as much as it is tightened in face lift surgery. Wrinkles removed from the eye area. However, mini face lift is not that durable. 


Face lift is the kind of surgery in which the sagginess of the skin from the areas like chin, cheeks and neck are removed. In case of mini face lift surgery the sagginess is tightened from the cheeks and chin only. The effects of face lift surgery are quite long lasting as compared to mini face lift surgery. “Panthea clinics” offer the best services of face lift and mini face lift surgery.