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We know that law has made to get justice regardless of the racism, age, financial independence etc. The law is equal for all human beings, and no second opinion is tolerable about that. It is the responsibility of the state to provide justice and have an eye on all the sectors, if they are doing it the right way or not. If no one is performing their duties according to the job description, then they are accountable to get the punishments, and there is no flexibility for them. 

We know that corruption is there in all the sectors, and we have to face it in our daily life. If we specifically talk about the organisation, there is competition among the employees. They want to win the race by letting down the colleague. They adopt all the wrong means to do so and be a star in the eyes of the top management. They forget that one day, they will catch, and there will be no mercy for them. 

Defamation lawyers in Sydney help the innocent person. The other party tries to play a blame game but lawyers help the client and ring out the truth with all pieces of evidence.  

The trap of the Colleagues for Defamation 

Let us have a look at the different techniques that adopt by the cunning colleagues to let other people down in the organisation. 

  • Giving an Opinion is Not a Crime 

When someone passes a comment as an opinion, then it is not a crime. Everyone is free to share his or her opinion and have freedom of speech. It does not include in the share of the crime. 

  • Passing a False Statement 

Passing a false statement is a crime. Something that does not connect to a person neither there is any evidence of the statement. If it hurts the reputation of a person or put a job in danger, then he is liable to get the punishment in an account of defamation. 

  • Written Wrong Blame on Someone 

It happens that people like to shift their blames on other’s shoulders. They do not have the potential to accept their own mistakes. This thing can lead them to be a part of the crime, and they label as the accuser of the defamation. 

  • Hurt the Integrity of a Person in Public 

When someone hurt the reputation of a person, it is called the act of the defamation. No one has the right to point out the fingers on someone and humiliate them in public. It is a crime. False accusation on someone in a public just to let them down in the eyes of the top management is a crime. 

  • Professional Negligence 

There is another thing that generally happens in the organisations, which include hospitals, educational institutes, government sector and private offices. It is none other than professional negligence. The top tier subordinates sell their services against money, and they do acts, which is not legal. In this case, we have to take help from the professional negligence lawyers. Let us have a look at the few things, which comes under the supervision of the professional negligence lawyers in Sydney

  • Wrong Diagnosis 

We have seen many doctors who make the wrong diagnosis and give different medication to the patients. They do it for someone who had given them money. It hurts the patient, and there are chances that a patient may die. It is not legal, and the doctor must get the punishment. 

  • Neglect the Core Medical Issue 

Sometimes, doctors neglect core medical issues. They feel that they can give medication through their experience.  

  • Not Have an Eye on Accounts 

An accountant is responsible for all the ins and outs of the company accounts. He is answerable to the management. When he starts cheating and share the profits directly, then he is doing a crime and needs punishment. 

  • Passing a Law which is prohibited 

The government officers think that they have all the authorities, and they can alter the rules and regulations whenever they want for their profits. In reality, this is the case. They have no right to make the alterations in any given circumstances.