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Have you ever spared a moment to think about the small things or simple objects upon which we have become dependent in one way or another? We never realize the importance of these small objects unless they are taken away from us. So, let this article be a tiny token of appreciation for all those simple objects which we use every day but forget to realize their importance. Let us take an example of shopping bags; they are everywhere and anywhere. We use it every day for our daily life activities, be it for grocery purposes or for shopping reasons. Similarly, there are lights or 45kva generators which are extremely important yet highly ignored objects because there are lights everywhere and we do not appreciate their presence unless there is a complete black out. Basically, light is produced by the combination of electric and magnetic radiations. There are certain lights which are not visible to human eye and then there are lights which are visible to human eye depending upon the frequency and wavelength of the photon (light energy packets). In this article, we will be discussing about two such types of lights which are street light and mining light.  


The term “light” has so many meanings and definitions but we will be particularly discussing about the kind of light that is produced by the combination of electric and magnetic radiations. This light is produced by the tiny packets of energy or photons among which some are seen by the human eye and some are not visible. The frequency or the wavelength of these photons plays an important role in showcasing the colour of the light to human eye. The human eye determines different colours by different frequencies of the photons. This physical light is present around us in so many forms and shapes. There are traffic lights, there are room lights, there are board lights, etc. Similarly, there are street lights and mining lights which are also available in the market for sale.   

Street lights for sale: 

As the name implies, street lights are the kind of lights that are located at the corners or edge of the streets to provide the light. These street lights are not hung there on their own rather they are attached with the tall posts which throw the light on the street. Street lights play an integral role in various ways. It obviously illuminates the area for the people to easily pass through the particular street without having to face any unfortunate incident like falling into a hole, or colliding with the stone in darkness. Moreover, street lights increase the security of that particular place by illuminating it so that it won’t be easy for the thieves to hide. This is the reason that each and every street must have street lights to avoid any accidents or unfortunate incidents. A huge variety of street lights are available in the market. 

Mining lights for sale: 

Mining lights are the kind of lights that are used in mines to illuminate the interior of the mine. These lights are like small lamps that are usually attached with the helmet of the person who enters the mine. The reason of the mine light being small is that such places like mines are damped and flammable (can easily catch fire) so tiny lights are taken to avoid the catching of fire. These small or tiny mining lights can either be attached with the helmet of the miner or can also be placed within the mine to illuminate it. 


In the context of physics, light can be defined as the electromagnetic radiations that are produced by the small packets of energy or photons. The wavelength or frequency of these photons determines the colour of the light to the human eye. There are many different types of lights that we see and use in our daily lives. Street lights and mining lights are two such kinds of lights which are used to illuminate the street and mine respectively. “Promac International” offers the best quality of lightening towers, led lights, generators, mining lights and street lights for sale