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The little bit of humanity or brotherhood that is left among people for their fellow beings is because of their fright towards the law. It is the law and order that is keeping the peace and unity in our environment otherwise groups of people would have fought with their lives in the name of cast, religion and countries. The barbarity of human beings has gone after the introduction of law and order. Civilization is brought to the society because of the rules set up by the law and order. The prosperity of a country can be estimated by the satisfaction of the public towards the legislative body because if law of the country would be fair towards its public then the public’s happiness ration would definitely be higher than other countries. Law is basically the set of rules and regulations that have been implied by the legislative body of the country; these rules must be followed otherwise penalties are given according to the extent of a crime. In this article, we will be discussing about the need and importance of commercial law based in Melbourne in today’s time period. 

Law and lawyers: 

There is a prominent difference between rules and law because rules are something that are made by the people and are broken by people without any hesitation because they are not afraid of any penalties. However, law is the set of rules that have been imposed by the legislative body and the government of the country so each and every citizen must follow it otherwise he would be facing the penalty according to the extent of his crime. Laws are equally applicable to all the citizens of a country; be it the president of a country or a beggar. Lawyers are the professionals who have studied in the field of law and are qualified enough to put their cases in the court on the behalf of their respective clients. 

Different types of lawyers: 

The profession of law or lawyers can be divided into different categories depending upon their expertise in the particular field. There are criminal lawyers who take part in cases related to the crimes and either fight against or in behalf of a criminal in trying to minimize his punishment. Then there are contract lawyers who witness the contract formation between two or more than two parties. One such kind of lawyers is known as divorce lawyers. As the name implies divorce lawyers are the kind of lawyers who make sure to provide their client with the best opportunities regarding a divorce taking place between two people. Matters like alimony, child custody, monthly payment settlement and other such issues are discussed in the court and the side with the better options and better divorce lawyers in Melbourne wins the case. 

 The need and importance of commercial law in today’s time period: 

Law can be divided in to different types on the basis of the basis of the expertise in the particular area. These types may differ from criminal awl to corporate law and from family law to entertainment law. One such type of law is known as commercial law. Commercial law is the kind of law in which matters regarding the business preposition are sorted, settled and solved.  One would need a commercial lawyer if any kind of business deal is being formed between two or more than two parties. Commercial law will be involved in case of financial transactions among the different business party groups. The need of commercial law has increased even more in today’s time period because we never know that which party would try to twist the situation illegally for his own benefit so in that case law is required to provide justice. 


Law is the set of rules introduced by the legislative body of the government towards the public of the country. There are many different types of law and one such type is known as commercial law. The need of commercial law has been there since forever but its need has increased even more in today’s time period because the greediness of man has increased even more and one never know that when the next party will try to turn the tables. “Canaan lawyers” offers the best services of law be it commercial law or family law.