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Screw piles are using for making the foundations. No construction work is complete without screw piles. It helps in making the basic structure of a building and, then the filling work follows. Stainless steel screws are attached and, they are placed underground or sometimes into the wood to have a strong foundation. They play a vital role in building deep foundations. The size of a screw anchor may vary from project to project, whereas the cause remains the same. 

The Reasons 

Whether it’s a construction of a residential apartment, an industrial building or a commercial shop screw piles are always useful. Let’s have a look at the various reasons for using screw piles in the construction process. 

  • Installation is Easy 

The screw piles installation is comparatively easy. If we talk about other material for making a foundation, then it is not wrong to say that the installation of such substance is complicated and take many efforts. Moreover, they need large numbers of human labour for doing the main work. That’s why screw piles are preferable. 

  • Less Equipment’s Needed: 

To operate the screw piles, we need less equipment’s. When we use other substances for the foundation, we need earthmoving equipment’s to get work done. Screw piles don’t need many equipment’s. We can use a few equipment’s and get our task done, which is a considerable choice for the builders. 

  • Immediate Start-up of Work: 

Without wasting a single minute, we can start our construction work. As soon as the task of the screw pile completes, we don’t need to wait for any other thing. For example, if we are using a hunk of concrete then we need to wait to get it dried before moving on the next task. In the case of screw piles, we can immediately jump to the other project. 

  • Ideal for Limited Resources Areas: 

The most likely option to opt for screw piles is that we can use it at a place where we have limited access and resources. Since it doesn’t need any equipment to operate, we can take it to any area. It proves to be an ideal option to use in all the circumstances. 

  • Removable: 

Once the project gets complete of making foundation, we can easily remove them. Labours have to put a lot of effort into removing the temporary structure. Also, some temporary structures are non-removable and, we have to keep them as it is. Screw piles can easily remove without any problems and complications. 

  • Reusable: 

The most important factor of using piles screws is that they are reusable. We can use the same temporary structure for the building of other projects. If the size and the area are alike, we can easily use it. Otherwise, we have to do some alteration to get it fixed in a new project. 

  • Compressive Strength: 

Compressive strength means how much load does it bear. It is better than concrete. When we compare screw piles with concrete, we find out that it has more strength of holding than concrete. It tends to resist pressed together. A test piece conducts before construction starts. When builders get satisfied, they carry on the project

  • Reliable high tensile: 

It has a tendency of high tensile, which means that it resists the tension. When we give vibration, stress occurs. Due to high tensile, it doesn’t produce harmful vibration. It can easily resist earthquakes. We can say that a building having screw piles is vibration proof. 

  • Affordable: 

This material is affordable. We can say that it is pocket friendly. It provides high quality with less amount. People are more towards finding cheaper things without compromising on quality. Screw piles are one of those things. It gives the best results and light on the pocket. 

  • Long-Life: 

The life expectancy of screw piles is long. It aims for the least life of 60 years. It can last to 100 years or more. What else we want when it comes to long life? The life expectancy depends on the quality of the soil. Humidity and pH play a vital role in the life of screw piles. Under normal conditions, we can expect more than 70 years.